Handicap Bidet Toilets

Picture this, that you have been involved in an accident that has in a great way handicapped you so that you are unable to do normal activities. It could be that you are unable to walk and are always on a wheelchair. Or maybe you are unable to go to the toilet and have to use some portable commode.

Well, things in such instances can get really thick. One thing that I have noted that greatly affects people is their inability to use the toilet with ease. Come on, we all want to use the bathroom in privacy and discretely. We do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing that we were in the toilet and they have to come help us there.

Now when you are handicapped, elderly or have just undergone a hip replacement surgery, things can be really tough. But worry not, because you can use a bidet toilet seat.

Bidet toilet seats are very common especially among Muslims and Asians. How they work is that they are normal toilet seats but you need not touch your bum wiping. Yes, no tissue papers or wipes. You just need to press a nozzle and the wash feature of the toilet seat works to clean you up.

Now, you do not have to be a Muslim to embrace this beautiful invention. You also do not to be in the Asian countries to see how unique it is. No, just give it a try. Also if you are having an elderly, disabled person at home, it is high time you restore their dignity using this handicap bidet toilet seat so that they can do their toilet business without asking anybody to help them wipe up.

What to look for when getting a handicap bidet toilet

  1. Remote control wash feature so that you do not have to clean your bum
  2. A bit raised toilet seat especially for people who have had a hip replacement surgery and are looking for some toilet riser so that they do not have to exert too much pressure on their hips.
  3. Easily control the water pressure and the temperature of the water washing your bottom
  4. Stainless steel nozzle to clean you up
  5. Warm air to dry you up after you are done using the toilet
  6. LED nighlight so that you can use the bidet seat with ease even at night
  7. Warm toilet seat so that you can use it even in winter or in the cold places

How to install a bidet toilet seat

Well, this video shows you set up a handicap bidet toilet.

How to choose the best men’s jeans for big thighs

Have you noticed how hard it is for the plus-size guys to find a well-fitting pair of jeans?  Everyone needs a great pair of jeans that they find comfortable.  Our thorough research will allow you to do your squats and work on making your thighs as thick and muscular as you like without the worry of not finding the best men jeans for big thighs.

Why you need to find the right fitting jeans

Various studies have linked the wearing of uncomfortable and ill-fitting jeans to infertility. Since reproductive health is a vital part of human life, no one should be forced to risk it on the hands of a single clothing item. On top of this, adjusting tight-fitting jeans in the streets is embarrassing and can take a toll on your appearance and confidence.

Things to look out for when you are choosing the best jeans for the man with big thighs

Today, the market has numerous jeans options. These options are a blessing because they give you a more comprehensive range for you to choose the cut, finish as well as the preferred color.

However, this does not make purchasing the right jeans for a guy with big thighs a walk in the park, especially when you do not know what you need to watch out for. You may find yourself walking from one store to another and still coming up empty-handed and even worse coming out with a bad fit. To avoid this, we come in with the list of things that will assist you in choosing the best men jeans for big thighs.

Factors to consider when choosing jeans for guys with big thighs

Body shape

Designers and manufacturers know that people have different body shapes.  They have made it their business to cater for all the needs of their customers.

The first thing to finding your right fit is to figure out your waist size, behind, and length. A clear picture of your body shape means that you do not force yourself into jeans that are a size too small.

Look at the design

We all want clothing items that make us look sophisticated and refined, right? When you choose jeans with the right cut, guys with big thighs can achieve this look. Straight cut jeans are generally a better option for you as they help cover up the desired areas. Baggy and loose-fitting jeans are also a great choice because they are roomy for optimum relaxation.

Check at the pockets and accessories

Pockets add beauty and style to your jeans, thus allowing you to walk from the office to the bar in confidence. A sexy pocket pattern draws a little more attention to your behind if that is what you want. Finer details such as zippers, buttons, and other accessories will give you a hint to the quality of craftsmanship.

Look at the Stretch for comfort

Most jeans have the required level of elasticity. However, you must check to ensure that they are comfortable and offer room for expansion. Maximum comfort makes it suitable for all occasions, and you can wear it all day.


A good pair of jeans makes walking in style and swag effortless. The above details will ensure that you get the best jeans for guys with big thighs for the much-desired fashion edge.

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Work

Noise cancelling devices reduce ambient or background noise through a method called active noise control. According to Wikipedia, active noise control is where another noise is introduced so as to cancel out the first. Noise cancelling headphones that are used by autistic people are way different from passive headphones that use a method of sound proofing to block out any noise getting into your ears. For safety of the autistic child , you do not want them to be completely sound proofed from the noise because this could create accidents such as when the child refuses to move away from honking cars since they cannot hear them or when they do not respond to your calling them since they are completely blocked off from such sounds.

How do they work or how are they designed

Noise cancelling devices use active noise control. This means that to cancel out noise A, a secondary noise B is introduced that cancels out noise A. Noise B has to be desirable to the listener. The devices have a microphone that measures the background noise, generate a waveform that is the exact negative of the background noise and then mix it with some audio signal that is pleasant to the person wearing the earmuffs.

Areas where the devices are used

  1. As headphones for autism: Adults as well as children with autism spectrum disorder usually find that they over process sounds in the environment. Say for example that they are in class learning but a siren outside the class goes off, the person is not able to detach the noise of the siren. They get too much stimulated and so they stop concentrating on what is happening in class. To help them, you need these noise reducing earmuffs so that they can concentrate in what they are doing while muffling the ambient noise.
  2. As a sleeping aid. Of late, people with insomnia are going for these devices so that they can sleep peacefully without being disturbed or woken up by the background noises in their homes.
  3. In aviation. While flying, pilots need to focus on the task of making their planes fly. They do not want to hear the cockpit noise but concentrate on the task ahead as well as maintain conversation with the person directing them.

Disadvantages of the noise cancelling devices

  • When buying them, you are bound to cough out more dough than you would were you buying the normal headphones
  • For active noise control to happen, you need to power the headphones. Therefore, you will need to have a battery on the devices that powers them up
  • Noise cancelling devices could be dangerous especially for kids if they are completely muffling the outside noise.
  • Adding batteries also means that the weight of the headphones increases. And so does the cost of maintain the headphone
  • The circuitry that makes up the headphone may end up causing a hiss on the audio that you are getting.

Speech delay in Children and screen time

Contrary to popular belief that TVs will help your child develop vocabulary and speak fast, research shows that there is an inverse correlation between screen time in children and their speech development. Yes, the more your child who is less than 2 years watches lots of television, ipad or cartoons on your smartphone, you are assured that they will find it harder to express themselves verbally.

This comes at a time when so many kids, actually over 3 billion have watched and being awed by the catchy, addictive Baby shark doo doo doo that is playing on Youtube. The makers of the catchy song did something that most parents did not know; they hired a psychologist so as to make the song as catchy as possible no wonder it has hit those number of Youtube views in such a short time. The composition of the song is very simple; few vocabularies, centers on family structures and has a great tempo that changes from slow to fast. The lyrics are simple to follow and at the same time repetitive so that your kid can grasp them as soon as possible while getting hooked and pestering you to play it again and again. When I first listened to the song, I liked the simple structure centering on baby shark, mother, father, grandpa and grandma shark; people that all kids know of and have fond thoughts about. But after listening it for sometimes, I found that I could not get it off my mind. It was a true head worm that would play itself again and again.

Rather than give your kid free time to watch TV or your iPad as you focus on other things, you need to be there when they are watching the screen. And this is only for those between 2 years to five years who should have a maximum of 1 hour per day screen time. Younger kids below 2 are not to have any screen time. None at all. As you watch it with them, make sure to do the following

  1. Monitor what they are watching lest it has adult content or obscene language that the kid might try to imitate
  2. Try to talk to them over the program and watch their attentiveness. The kid should not pay so much attention to the screen as to avoid listening to you.
  3. After the program is done, talk to them about it and ask questions about what they saw. This way, the kid will be able to see the screen as a platform to learn
  4. Try to incorporate the tv program watched with their daily lives

For kids below 2 years whom you want to speed up their talk, you could do this using the following methods.

  1. Imitate their babbling
  2. Talk to them and give them a chance to talk back
  3. Get toys that make audio sounds and after sometimes, have the batteries or speakers removed so that the kid can make the sounds on their own. This has been shown to encourage speech in nonverbal autistic kids
  4. Have them play with others to encourage social interaction.

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Why they are so popular

Cottonelle flushable wipes

Arguably the best wipes that you can get for yourself, your man and baby, the cottonelle wipes continue to endear themselves to the general public for the following reasons:

  • They are cottony soft—everyone clearly deserves a gentle cloth wipe that is smooth and does not heart their genitalia or perineum
  • They do the job really well. If you do not know this yet, toilet paper will never wipe your ass clean. It will always leave skid marks and a bad odor and who in their right mind really wants this?
  • They are biodegradable and you can therefore comfortably flush them without a fear that they will clog your septic system
  • They are alcohol and paraben free. These two chemicals have been found to cause all forms of skin rash and burns—things that you do not want your kid getting, do you?
  • They can be used on baby especially when you are potty training them and want something that the toddler can use to wipe without you having to check out that the kid has really wiped well
  • You can use them on your face, for cleaning dirty surfaces on glasses and even for wiping away dirt on furniture and then flush them down the toilet.
  • No scent and can therefore be used by people who are sensitive to strong scents

How to use the Cottonelle Wipes

You can use the cottonelle wipes in the following ways

  1. To wipe your bum--Make sure that you wipe from front to back especially for women. This is because your rectum usually has germs such as E.Coli that you do not want to get into contact with your genitalia otherwise this could result in a urinary tract infection (UTI). Wipes have been found better in doing the job since they leave you flesh and clean, do not cause anal fissures and you do not have to use so much to get the job done. After wiping your bum, you can go ahead and flush the wipe since it is septic safe.
  2. To Potty train your kid–Most mothers who were potty training their children raised issues that toilet paper was not very good in doing the job and the toddlers remained with skid marks even after wiping. So, the parent had to again come and use a cloth wipe to get rid of the skidmarks and this negated the whole thing on potty training instilling independence in your child.
  3. To wipe eye glasses and surfaces— Wipes can do a good job of wiping your dirty eye glasses or dusty surfaces on furniture.

Family Cloth Pros and Cons

What is a family cloth?
A family cloth is an old rag cut out from non-wearable cloths. It could also be bought on stores such as Amazon, Etsy and Walmart. The cloth is used in wiping faeces after visiting the toilet. It has been used mostly by people who practice frugal living or those who feel that they are flushing away money when they use toilet paper.
Why cloth wipes are gaining popularity?
Other than using toilet paper, one can use flushable wipes to wipe their bums after emptying their bowels. However, both toilet paper and wet wipes are cost intensive. Therefore we need to look for a cheaper alternative. And one way is using family cloth wipes that are reusable so you do not have to buy the wipes every day that want to wipe your bum.
In this post, we are going to closely look at the family pros and cons
Family cloth pros

  1. They are reusable– cloth wipes once bought, all you need to make sure is that you clean well and keep them dry. The next time you need to wipe, take the wipes and use them.
  2. They are not cost intensive– unlike toilet paper or wet wipes which you feel as though you are throwing money down the drain, with these cloth wipes, once you buy once you need not buy again for a long time but reuse it.
  3. According to hosiped, they eco-friendly– the use of toilet paper encourages deforestation and if you are an environment conservationist, you will frown at having trees cut down just so that you can wipe your bum. Toilet paper also calls for use of lots of chlorine to bleach the cut trees to whiten it. Release of chlorine to the air is not such a good thing and leads to environmental degradation.
  4. The use of wet wipes has been frowned about since most are not flushable and therefore could block your sewerage system.
  5. You do not have to worry about flushing and as such your plumbing is spared from clogging or any blockages that may come about.
  6. They are soft and gentle on your bottom–Rough and low quality toilet paper has been found to be a causative agent for urinary tract infections (UTI) as well as anal fissures. Cloth wipes on the other hand are manufactured soft and therefore are gentle on your bum. If you find it getting coarse, you can always use some fabric softener to make it gentle on your bum.
    Cons of the cloth wipes
  7. The practice is rather unhygienic–without proper cleaning of the cloth wipes with warm water and antiseptics, you might find yourself getting into contact with harmful germs and having them spread in your house. One of the germs you need to be careful not to get into contact with is E.Coli. The germ appears in the rectum and is important that it be there but it should never get into contact with any other part of the body.
  8. It is not socially acceptable– if your friends find out that you are using these wipes to clean your bum, they will not only call you mean on yourself but also frugal. They might also not entertain the thought of using your toilet when they come over to visit.
  9. If you fail to clean the wipes regularly, you will find that your house will be stinking and this is not any good.
    How to use and wash cloth wipes
    You can use cloth wipes with a bidet. Once you have emptied your bowels, clean your back with a bidet and after doing so, you can use the cloth wipe to clean out any other poop that might not have been cleaned by the bidet. The family cloth will also dry out all the water on your butt.
    Once you have used the family cloth wipe, you need to put it in a bucket awaiting for laundry. While washing it, make sure to use hot water mixed with some antiseptic so as to kill all germs on it. Fabric softeners can also be applied to soften the cloth wipe. Once washed, you should dry the cloth wipe in direct UV rays so as to kill all germs.

Hemorrhoids and How to Soothe them

Hemorrhoids and how to treat them

Everytime I hear the word ‘hemorrhoids’, my face automatically cringes with the memory of how tortured and embarrassed I felt when I walked to the hospital with a stage one hemorrhoid.

It just appeared one morning. I went to empty my bowels and I felt lots of pain. It was as though something was blocking the movement of the poop. I think I had eaten some food without fiber for so long and avoided water that was causing all this. So I checked out what could be wrong.

I found a small swelling but it was so painful to the touch. I decide to examine it further and stripped naked. On checking myself on the mirror in a closed room, I saw the ugly, red swelling.

And from then on for that whole week, it was so painful emptying my bowels. I did not want to tell anybody; neither my parents nor my siblings knew about it. But I had a close buddy whom I told and he recommended that I see the local doctor with immediate effect. I did so without delay.

It was however painful walking to the hospital. I also felt embarrassed bending and showing the female doctor my smelly butt. She said that there was nothing to be afraid about– it was nothing but a fecal canal and having it dirty is okay. That somehow soothed me.

She went on to teach me about hemorrhoids. She said that they come about when I exert too much force on myself when defecating.

How to treat hemorrhoids

  1. Surgery

Hemorrhoid swellings can be removed in a surgical procedure known as hemorrhoidectomy.

2. Exert less pressure when pooping

You need to exert less force when pooping so that you do not end up creating swellings in your anal canal.

3. Use a sitz bath to soothe hemorrhoids

A sitz bath is a warm bath that you take to soothe pain in your perineum. It is usually recommended to post partum mothers who have just had an episiotomy or even people having hemorrhoids. Though it does not treat the hemorrhoids, it soothes the pain

3. Take lots of water

Fluids help soften your stool and therefore it flows smoothly out of your alimentary canal without causing swellings.

4. Take fiber in your foods

Foods rich in roughage have been found to help in preventing hemorrhoids.


What You Need to Know about Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous degenerative disorder where you find that your brain is no longer able to produce dopamine since the cells responsible for this have already died. And they are no longer active.

It is not really known why this happens. It has however been linked with:

  1. Race: Whites are more likely to get PD as compared to blacks
  2. Genes: Doctors have seen a trend where if a kid has PD, most probably their father too had it.
  3. Males: PD is more common in men than women.
  4. Presence of Lewy bodies: Doctors at Mayoclinic have seen that presence of crumps of lewy bodies in the brain as directly related to one getting Parkinson’s disease.
  5. Age: People above the age of 60 are more likely to get PD as compared to younger people. This however does not mean that younger people are not likely to get PD as has been seen with Michael J Fox who got the disease at the tender age of 29.
  6. Use of fertilizers: It has been said that some chemicals in aerosol sprays and fertilizers are more likely to cause PD as compared to people who do not use them.
  7. Head injuries: This can be seen from Muhammad Ali who got the disease since he had always been fighting and this kind of injured him.

Symptoms and cure of Parkinson’s

The number one symptom of PD is tremors. Other symptoms include: anxiety, slurred speed, imbalance while walking, involuntary head nodding which is also common with people with cerebral palsy.

Unfortunately there is no cure for PD. Scientists have however made a lot of steps in getting the cure for it. Michael J Fox foundation is always on the forefront as they try to look for good treatment for the disease.

Currently there are a few drugs that you can use to treat the symptoms such as levodopa, sinemet. Levodopa works when you brain converts it into dopamine and therefore you will find that you no longer have tremors, are not that anxious and the dyskinesia that you were battling with disappears for a while.

Though levodopa rises your dopamine levels, it has been found to cause nausea, vomiting and irregular heart rhythms as evidenced by WebMd.

Sinemet is actually a combination of levodopa and carbidopa. The introduction of carbidopa is to make levodopa much more effective so you only need to take a little amount to see it working. Carbidopa also gets rid of the negative side effects such as nausea, vomiting and all that.

After sometimes, you might find that the two drugs are not that effective and you can then take Safinamide which has been found to have breakthrough in healing you off the PD symptoms.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s disease are greatly disadvantaged when it comes to eating, writing or walking. They will need a caregiver to feed and help them drinking. Writing with their hands is also hard as the tremors are just too much and they will not maintain a grip on the pen.

Walking is also hard because they do not have balance and they also experience muscular rigidity from time to time.

How to help people with Parkinson’s disease

At our restaurant, we have always seen people with PD come and go. We have seen how bad it can get and embarrassing as the PD patient is unable to eat on their own unless there is someone to help them scoop the food. We have therefore bought these nice smart gyenno Parkinson’s spoons for tremors that help the patients eat with ease without having to drop the food or feel about themselves.

We have walkers and canes so that the PD patients can walk around with ease. The walkers have wheels and brakes. If you are not comfortable about using walkers, we have canes which you can use.

Safety policy at our hotel

We give high regard to the safety of our clients no matter how old, young or what their race is. We also do not discriminate on gender. It is for this reason that we have ask our legal advisors to help us put this safety policy that will guide our clients as well as our staff members on the need for safety and what precautionary steps to make in case of a mishap or accident.


When clients arrive, we issue them with a key to the hotel room. We will also be advising them to always make sure that the room is locked when they are sleeping or away to avoid theft.

They should also make sure to keep their luggage safely in the hotel room safe and make sure to enter a secret password that they only can remember. The entered lock should not at any one time be written in a card that is placed next to the safe.


According to Wash Burn University, Fire safety includes prevention of an outbreak of fire, suppressing it when it happens and evacuating anyone at the hotel from the places of high risk. All these fire safety procedures are not just the responsibility of the hotel but of everyone else including our clients.

As the client therefore, you are to help us by reporting of any fire risk that you see so that we can work on mitigating the same, suppressing it or even evacuating anyone who might be at the fire scene.

Electric mattress pads

Though we give heated mattress pads and electric blankets to our clients during the cold seasons, we will always advise the clients that they could be fire hazards and only use them well. Seniors, diabetic people and children are not to be given these items since they could get burnt without feeling it in their sleep.

Fire extinguishers

Every room has a fire extinguisher and in case of a fire, one is to dial the telephone number 100 from their landline and then quickly assemble at the fire assembly point for a head count.  Our firefighting department will then take charge to help put off the fire.

Senior care

If you have brought a senior with you who needs extra safety measures, kindly report the same at the reception desk so that the hotel is well aware of the same and offer you help when you need it.

Safety bed rails

With senior citizens who might fall or get into minor accidents, we will install safety bed rails for these elderly people. We have already purchased some good bed rails for seniors and will therefore use them to keep these people safe in their beds.

Bed entrapment

In case of a bed entrapment, you are requested to kindly inform us or raise alarm so that we can come and get the person out of the entrapment. The FDA has reported that bed entrapment is really fatal and could cause injuries and even death when the entrapped individual tries to free themselves leading to suffocation or fatigue.

Bed exit alarms

If they are likely to wander away, we might have to install bed exit alarms so that you and our staff know it when the person leaves their room unattended.

Lights on at night

For seniors, lights in the bathroom and toilet are to be keep on throughout the night.

Toilet help

We acknowledge that some people might have problems using the toilet and if you have a problem or would like special equipment such as a washing bidet to use after visiting the toilet, kindly alert us so that we can give you a room with such items.

We also have safety rails in our bathrooms especially those that are going to be used by seniors. People who have trouble wiping their bottoms after visiting the toilet should tell us so that we can get the right butt wiping aids for them.

Mattress for back pains

If you have a senior or person with back pains, we will work to make sure that they get the right mattresses for massaging them. This kind of therapeutic mattresses are available at our hotel and all you need is order and it will be given to you.

Using elevators

We have heard cases of women sexually harassed in other hotels and as such, we do not take their safety for granted. When a woman arrives, she is going to be escorted to her room and the staff member will check to see that there is nobody in that room before the woman enters.

When using elevators, again she will be escorted. If an elevator jams or we have a power cut, you are to remain calm and wait for the backup battery to hoist you up or down.

CCTV cameras outside the rooms

We have installed CCTV cameras outside the rooms and on our lounge, bars and restaurant to keep everyone safe and for information whenever a crime or mishap happens. There are no CCTV cameras in your room, bathroom or toilet so do not worry as your privacy is not infringed.




How to get Rid of Love handles

They are called obliques, muffin tops or love handles. But the truth is that despite the fancy names, nobody loves having them.

They make you look unhealthy and obese. Your beauty fades away because they steal that chiseled torso that you had before making you look like a pig. But hey, at simplerestaurant gym, we work with the best to remove these love handles.

With our equipment for abs, you are assured of quick results.  So, how do we get you to lose love handles.

How to lose love handle practices


Crunches as traditional as they may seem are great when you want to lose those obliques. They help strengthen your core muscles as well as help in the subcutaneous and visceral fat around the tummy.

Sitting on stability ball

When you see someone sitting on a stability ball and expecting to lose weight, the first thing that comes into your mind is that it is lazy and that they will never see any results. Well the truth is very far from that since swiss balls have been proven to provide great exercises for love handles.

They strengthen your core muscles and when you sit on a ball while in the office, you will feel the strain on your back.

The great thing about the swiss ball is that it can be used for other major functions such as doing the v-up, wall squat, harmstring curls, press-ups on the ball etc.

Eat more proteins as opposed to fats

I always advise people who want to lose their obliques to concentrate more on bodybuilding foods such as proteins as opposed to fats. Why? Fats go on to increase your visceral and subcutaneous fats while proteins increase your muscles.

Take testosterone boosting products and foods

Estrogen make you grow plump and fat. Testosterone on the other hand make you grow muscles. You should therefore strive to take more testosterone boosting foods such as oyster, almond seeds and pumpkins.