Family Cloth Pros and Cons

What is a family cloth?
A family cloth is an old rag cut out from non-wearable cloths. It could also be bought on stores such as Amazon, Etsy and Walmart. The cloth is used in wiping faeces after visiting the toilet. It has been used mostly by people who practice frugal living or those who feel that they are flushing away money when they use toilet paper.
Why cloth wipes are gaining popularity?
Other than using toilet paper, one can use flushable wipes to wipe their bums after emptying their bowels. However, both toilet paper and wet wipes are cost intensive. Therefore we need to look for a cheaper alternative. And one way is using family cloth wipes that are reusable so you do not have to buy the wipes every day that want to wipe your bum.
In this post, we are going to closely look at the family pros and cons
Family cloth pros

  1. They are reusable– cloth wipes once bought, all you need to make sure is that you clean well and keep them dry. The next time you need to wipe, take the wipes and use them.
  2. They are not cost intensive– unlike toilet paper or wet wipes which you feel as though you are throwing money down the drain, with these cloth wipes, once you buy once you need not buy again for a long time but reuse it.
  3. According to hosiped, they eco-friendly– the use of toilet paper encourages deforestation and if you are an environment conservationist, you will frown at having trees cut down just so that you can wipe your bum. Toilet paper also calls for use of lots of chlorine to bleach the cut trees to whiten it. Release of chlorine to the air is not such a good thing and leads to environmental degradation.
  4. The use of wet wipes has been frowned about since most are not flushable and therefore could block your sewerage system.
  5. You do not have to worry about flushing and as such your plumbing is spared from clogging or any blockages that may come about.
  6. They are soft and gentle on your bottom–Rough and low quality toilet paper has been found to be a causative agent for urinary tract infections (UTI) as well as anal fissures. Cloth wipes on the other hand are manufactured soft and therefore are gentle on your bum. If you find it getting coarse, you can always use some fabric softener to make it gentle on your bum.
    Cons of the cloth wipes
  7. The practice is rather unhygienic–without proper cleaning of the cloth wipes with warm water and antiseptics, you might find yourself getting into contact with harmful germs and having them spread in your house. One of the germs you need to be careful not to get into contact with is E.Coli. The germ appears in the rectum and is important that it be there but it should never get into contact with any other part of the body.
  8. It is not socially acceptable– if your friends find out that you are using these wipes to clean your bum, they will not only call you mean on yourself but also frugal. They might also not entertain the thought of using your toilet when they come over to visit.
  9. If you fail to clean the wipes regularly, you will find that your house will be stinking and this is not any good.
    How to use and wash cloth wipes
    You can use cloth wipes with a bidet. Once you have emptied your bowels, clean your back with a bidet and after doing so, you can use the cloth wipe to clean out any other poop that might not have been cleaned by the bidet. The family cloth will also dry out all the water on your butt.
    Once you have used the family cloth wipe, you need to put it in a bucket awaiting for laundry. While washing it, make sure to use hot water mixed with some antiseptic so as to kill all germs on it. Fabric softeners can also be applied to soften the cloth wipe. Once washed, you should dry the cloth wipe in direct UV rays so as to kill all germs.