How to get Rid of Love handles

They are called obliques, muffin tops or love handles. But the truth is that despite the fancy names, nobody loves having them.

They make you look unhealthy and obese. Your beauty fades away because they steal that chiseled torso that you had before making you look like a pig. But hey, at simplerestaurant gym, we work with the best to remove these love handles.

With our equipment for abs, you are assured of quick results.  So, how do we get you to lose love handles.

How to lose love handle practices


Crunches as traditional as they may seem are great when you want to lose those obliques. They help strengthen your core muscles as well as help in the subcutaneous and visceral fat around the tummy.

Sitting on stability ball

When you see someone sitting on a stability ball and expecting to lose weight, the first thing that comes into your mind is that it is lazy and that they will never see any results. Well the truth is very far from that since swiss balls have been proven to provide great exercises for love handles.

They strengthen your core muscles and when you sit on a ball while in the office, you will feel the strain on your back.

The great thing about the swiss ball is that it can be used for other major functions such as doing the v-up, wall squat, harmstring curls, press-ups on the ball etc.

Eat more proteins as opposed to fats

I always advise people who want to lose their obliques to concentrate more on bodybuilding foods such as proteins as opposed to fats. Why? Fats go on to increase your visceral and subcutaneous fats while proteins increase your muscles.

Take testosterone boosting products and foods

Estrogen make you grow plump and fat. Testosterone on the other hand make you grow muscles. You should therefore strive to take more testosterone boosting foods such as oyster, almond seeds and pumpkins.