Air Purifiers for Hotels

One of the health requirements in any hotel is that there is no air pollution,

Now when you think about the popular hotels, you will find that they have a proximity to towns.

And so they suffer from the air pollution found in towns.

There is bound to be dust, smoke, factory odors, pollen, dander and all sorts of airborne diseases.

As a hotel proprietor, you therefore have to think hard about how to solve your air pollution.

One of the popular ways that I have found is having an air purifier in each of the rooms where your patrons are in.

Yes, it is going to incur you lots of energy bills.

But come on, you need to make the stay of your patrons really nice and fancy so that they will feel obliged to come back.

What to look out for when buying your hotel air purifiers

  • Consider what pollutant you want to clean out

When buying your hotel air purifiers, you will have to consider the kind of pollutants that you have in your hotel environment so that you will buy a purifier that will get rid of them.

Say for example that the one air purity menace that you are dealing with is bad manufactury odors.

Then you have to work hard to make sure that you get a carbon filter that will absorb all those bad odors so that when you inhale, all you get is fresh, non-smelling air.

If you are dealing with pollen, dust and pet dander, then you could go for an air purifier that has a good filter to get rid of those microns of the pollutants.

We have for example true hepa filters that are designed to filter as much as 0.3 microns of pollutants. With such an accuracy, they are able to comfortably get rid of pet dander, dust and pollen from your air.

If you suspect airborne diseases, then hepa and carbon filters will not help you.

You will have to get some filter that has ultra violets rays to eliminate these germs.

  • Washability

You want to save money. As such you want an air purifier whose filters can be cleaned either with water or a vacuum cleaner.

Filters such as the true hepa that are found in high end air purifiers such as the honeywell hpa 300 cannot be washed but replaced. Washing would denature it.

  • CFM

You want a filter that cleans a large area of air in a short time. The honeywell hpa 300 is good for large rooms as it can do a 465 square feet room per hour.

  • Noise

You want a purifier that works noiselessly with a near whisper sound so that you can use it even at night.

  • Energy consumption

You are looking for an air purifier that will not consume that much of power energy.

  • Remote control

Rather than pressing manually on controls, you should go for an air purifier that cleans the air via remote or Bluetooth control.