How to Make Pounded Yam

Have you tried pounded fufu?

This must be the sweetest staple swallow food in Nigeria.

And when you try it, you will just fall in love with it.

It gets better when you accompany it with some soup be it egusi or meat soup.

I think I stumbled over pounded fufu through the novels of the like of Chinua Achebe, Elechi Amadi and Flora Nwapa. They had a way of painting how pounded fufu is important in Nigerian traditional cultures that I just had to find out more.

Yam is king in traditional West African cultures. Man, the even have a new yam festival where they celebrate the harvest of new yam. During such festivals, there is song and dance and of course lots of eating pounded yam.

They however do not eat the new yam but rather the old that were remaining in the old harvest.

Lots of recipes have been shared on how to make pounded fufu.

In this article I look at three ways how to make pounded yam.

  • Manual pounding of yam

This is the oldest method of making fufu. It involves first peeling the yams, washing and slicing them into small pieces. When this is done, they are then brought to a boil.

Once ready they are ready to be crushed in the mortar. You take the wooden pestle and kick off thrashing the yams.

It can take upto 15 minutes to have the yams well thrashed and non lumpy. You will be adding hot water to get the right consistency. You will  know that your yams are ready when the fufu starts sticking to the pestle as though in complete submission after the hard thrashing.

Pounding is rather a rhythmic process where you could pound singing or humming to some music.

It takes away the tire away from your hands.

  • Using a blender/food processor to make pounded yam

Another method of preparing fufu is by using a blender or food processor to pound the yams. Here, electricity is going to be used. The blender or food processor has sharp and strong blades that first cut up the boiled yams and then go ahead to crush them into softest.

It is rather efficient, fast and less tiring. It takes only 2 minutes to get your fufu.

One popular yam pounder machine is this one.

The kenwood yam pounder and food processor is also a major search by kitchen enthusiasts.

It is also very hygienic and most modern homes and food businesses will be going this path.

Other than pounding the yam, the food processor will normally be multipurpose and could also be used to mince meat, slice vegetables and even blend baby food.

Only consideration is how good the mortar is as well as how energy saving it is.

  • Using yam flour to make the dish

The third modern but rather unpopular method of preparing pounded yam is using yam flour. This is flour made with dried yams that were milled. You just need to add the flour to boiling water, stir to get the right consistency and there you have it.

The fufu does not however taste like real pounded yams.

Safe activities to try on the trampoline

The trampoline is a great way for kids who love jumping to find an avenue to spend their energy. It is fun and thrilling. In fact it has been used as a therapy tool for special needs children who are on the autism spectrum disorder as well as those living with adhd.

Some activities that you can try on the trampoline include

  • Simple jumps
  • Jumping as you count
  • Jumping as you recite the alphabet
  • Jumping as high as you can

There is however concern over the activities that you can try. Trampolining needs to be safe because if it is not, it could easily lead to bruises and fractures.

The American Academy of Pediatricians has actually warned against using the trampoline. In fact, paediatricians worldwide have shown apathy towards the trampoline because of the dangers that it can pose to your child. But it is quickly gaining momentum. According to trampoline companies, sales are going higher and higher. People cannot be stopped even with the announcement that kids below 6 years should not be trampolining. The Academy of Pediatricians though in its move to warn about trampolines was concerned about the many muscle strains, bruises, concussions and broken necks that have been witnessed when children bounce unsafely on the trampoline.

Other than using the park trampoline which are crowded, more and more people are opting to buy their mini trampoline for indoor use so that they can monitor how their kids jump. Adults also love the trampoline because it can be used as an exercise tool for people who are looking to lose weight and keep fit.

For safe trampoline use at home, ensure the following:

  1. That when your kids are jumping, there is an adult supervising them. It could be an older kid, your spouse or baby sitter. With adult supervision, kids are likely not to try unsafe antics that could fracture their bones or end up bruising them.
  2. That only one kid jumps on the trampoline at a time. The exercise tool should not be crowded. With crowding comes the need for a child to want to try unsafe antics. At the same time, they may hurt each other as they bounce.
  3. That there is a safety net installed plus there are safe handlebars that your kid is holding onto. A good example of a trampoline with this feature is the skybound trampoline that has both the safety net as well as handlebars where your kid can hold onto as they jump.
  4. Make sure to check that the steel circumference of the trampoline is well padded with soft foam so that your kids do not end up hurting as they jump on hard surfaces on the gadget.

Enabling People with Parkinson’s Eat with Ease

At most times when people are setting up restaurants, they forget one class of people. Those who are unable to eat with ease due to limited dexterity or tremors. I am not talking about special needs children because for such one could always have them eat with their hands or spoon feed them.

I am talking about adults who are battling with arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. What these two ailments do is that they limit your hand dexterity. Arthritis for one will make your limbs so stiff that you might be unable to bend them to take a spoon and direct it to your mouth. Parkinson’s on the other hand comes with its tremors that make it practically impossible to eat. What with the trembling of the hands as though one is shivering even in the hottest of weathers?

Parkinson’s also makes it impossible to drink with ease. You will be spilling your drink all over. You will be making a mess of the table.

Now this limits such people with neuro-degenerative disorders so much that they can never enjoy being at a restaurant. They will feel too self-conscious with everyone watching them and wondering why that old man cannot drink easily from his cup or eat his sumptuous meal without making a fool of himself.

We strive to be different here.

We look at all those classes of people and have come up with these awesome weighted Parkinson’s spoon that will help you eat with ease.

For our collection, we went for the best. The liftware spoon has for a long time being taunted as the best for people with tremors. But over time, we have found that there is another bigger hero in town. It is called the gyenno spoon.

While the liftware spoon is able to somehow reduce your tremors when eating with it by 70%, the gyenno trounces this by giving you a reduction of 85%. Who would not go for this super big man in town.

At the same time, the liftware is only able to keep charge for one hour. The gyenno on the other hand can be used even by the slowest of eaters since it triples this by giving you three hours of uninterrupted eating without a discharge.

Choosing DoorMats for Your House

One thing about door mats is that they are beckoning. They are like the butler who smiles at you, takes your luggage and welcome you into a house.

Doormats usher you into a room and how classy they are gives one a picture of what they are to expect when they get into the house. So when choosing doormats, you need to make sure that their appeal matches that of the house interior.

If they are old, dilapidated and ugly, you will be giving your visitors a picture of how bad your house is.

If on the other hand they are classy and awesome looking, you are telling your visitors that you house also rolls out with suave and finesse.

So choosing your door mat is something that you should do with a lot of care and attention.

But is choosing a classy one all that you need to do?

Well, let us look at the other factors that you have to put into consideration when you are choosing your door mats.

  1. Durability

While doormats are not that expensive, you want one that is durable and will offer you the true value for your money. Durability though largely depends on the material of the doormat which we look into in the next bullet point.

  • Material

Common doormats are made of rubber but you could go an extra mile and get a rope, metal or fabric.

When choosing the material of your mat, you need to consider what your floor is made of so that the doormat does not end up leaving marks on your floor or creating indentations. A rubber doormat for example on a vinyl floor would leave it with stains and discolored which is not something that you really want.

Do you?

In case you have such a floor, you would be better off looking at these door mats safe for vinyl floors.

A metal doormat on the other hand might leave the same floor with indentations and markings where the feet of the mat lay.

The material of your doormat also dictates the durability. A metal doormat would last for eons and eons while a rubber doormat might only last for a while.

  • Width of the doormat

A rule of the thumb that is used by expert interior designers dictates that the width of the doormat need be at least 80% of the front of your door. If it is smaller than this, then it will look lopsided and out of place. At the same time, the doormat should not be wider that the front of the door since it will again look out place and also lack to do its purpose.

  • Message on the doormat

The message on a doormat could be used to capture your unique personality. And it does not have to be an inscription. No, it could also be an artistic drawing that will in a way make the visitor feel free and at home as they walk into your house.

Air Purifiers for Hotels

One of the health requirements in any hotel is that there is no air pollution,

Now when you think about the popular hotels, you will find that they have a proximity to towns.

And so they suffer from the air pollution found in towns.

There is bound to be dust, smoke, factory odors, pollen, dander and all sorts of airborne diseases.

As a hotel proprietor, you therefore have to think hard about how to solve your air pollution.

One of the popular ways that I have found is having an air purifier in each of the rooms where your patrons are in.

Yes, it is going to incur you lots of energy bills.

But come on, you need to make the stay of your patrons really nice and fancy so that they will feel obliged to come back.

What to look out for when buying your hotel air purifiers

  • Consider what pollutant you want to clean out

When buying your hotel air purifiers, you will have to consider the kind of pollutants that you have in your hotel environment so that you will buy a purifier that will get rid of them.

Say for example that the one air purity menace that you are dealing with is bad manufactury odors.

Then you have to work hard to make sure that you get a carbon filter that will absorb all those bad odors so that when you inhale, all you get is fresh, non-smelling air.

If you are dealing with pollen, dust and pet dander, then you could go for an air purifier that has a good filter to get rid of those microns of the pollutants.

We have for example true hepa filters that are designed to filter as much as 0.3 microns of pollutants. With such an accuracy, they are able to comfortably get rid of pet dander, dust and pollen from your air.

If you suspect airborne diseases, then hepa and carbon filters will not help you.

You will have to get some filter that has ultra violets rays to eliminate these germs.

  • Washability

You want to save money. As such you want an air purifier whose filters can be cleaned either with water or a vacuum cleaner.

Filters such as the true hepa that are found in high end air purifiers such as the honeywell hpa 300 cannot be washed but replaced. Washing would denature it.

  • CFM

You want a filter that cleans a large area of air in a short time. The honeywell hpa 300 is good for large rooms as it can do a 465 square feet room per hour.

  • Noise

You want a purifier that works noiselessly with a near whisper sound so that you can use it even at night.

  • Energy consumption

You are looking for an air purifier that will not consume that much of power energy.

  • Remote control

Rather than pressing manually on controls, you should go for an air purifier that cleans the air via remote or Bluetooth control.

Handicap Bidet Toilets

Picture this, that you have been involved in an accident that has in a great way handicapped you so that you are unable to do normal activities. It could be that you are unable to walk and are always on a wheelchair. Or maybe you are unable to go to the toilet and have to use some portable commode.

Well, things in such instances can get really thick. One thing that I have noted that greatly affects people is their inability to use the toilet with ease. Come on, we all want to use the bathroom in privacy and discretely. We do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing that we were in the toilet and they have to come help us there.

Now when you are handicapped, elderly or have just undergone a hip replacement surgery, things can be really tough. But worry not, because you can use a bidet toilet seat.

Bidet toilet seats are very common especially among Muslims and Asians. How they work is that they are normal toilet seats but you need not touch your bum wiping. Yes, no tissue papers or wipes. You just need to press a nozzle and the wash feature of the toilet seat works to clean you up.

Now, you do not have to be a Muslim to embrace this beautiful invention. You also do not to be in the Asian countries to see how unique it is. No, just give it a try. Also if you are having an elderly, disabled person at home, it is high time you restore their dignity using this handicap bidet toilet seat so that they can do their toilet business without asking anybody to help them wipe up.

What to look for when getting a handicap bidet toilet

  1. Remote control wash feature so that you do not have to clean your bum
  2. A bit raised toilet seat especially for people who have had a hip replacement surgery and are looking for some toilet riser so that they do not have to exert too much pressure on their hips.
  3. Easily control the water pressure and the temperature of the water washing your bottom
  4. Stainless steel nozzle to clean you up
  5. Warm air to dry you up after you are done using the toilet
  6. LED nighlight so that you can use the bidet seat with ease even at night
  7. Warm toilet seat so that you can use it even in winter or in the cold places

How to install a bidet toilet seat

Well, this video shows you set up a handicap bidet toilet.

How to choose the best men’s jeans for big thighs

Have you noticed how hard it is for the plus-size guys to find a well-fitting pair of jeans?  Everyone needs a great pair of jeans that they find comfortable.  Our thorough research will allow you to do your squats and work on making your thighs as thick and muscular as you like without the worry of not finding the best men jeans for big thighs.

Why you need to find the right fitting jeans

Various studies have linked the wearing of uncomfortable and ill-fitting jeans to infertility. Since reproductive health is a vital part of human life, no one should be forced to risk it on the hands of a single clothing item. On top of this, adjusting tight-fitting jeans in the streets is embarrassing and can take a toll on your appearance and confidence.

Things to look out for when you are choosing the best jeans for the man with big thighs

Today, the market has numerous jeans options. These options are a blessing because they give you a more comprehensive range for you to choose the cut, finish as well as the preferred color.

However, this does not make purchasing the right jeans for a guy with big thighs a walk in the park, especially when you do not know what you need to watch out for. You may find yourself walking from one store to another and still coming up empty-handed and even worse coming out with a bad fit. To avoid this, we come in with the list of things that will assist you in choosing the best men jeans for big thighs.

Factors to consider when choosing jeans for guys with big thighs

Body shape

Designers and manufacturers know that people have different body shapes.  They have made it their business to cater for all the needs of their customers.

The first thing to finding your right fit is to figure out your waist size, behind, and length. A clear picture of your body shape means that you do not force yourself into jeans that are a size too small.

Look at the design

We all want clothing items that make us look sophisticated and refined, right? When you choose jeans with the right cut, guys with big thighs can achieve this look. Straight cut jeans are generally a better option for you as they help cover up the desired areas. Baggy and loose-fitting jeans are also a great choice because they are roomy for optimum relaxation.

Check at the pockets and accessories

Pockets add beauty and style to your jeans, thus allowing you to walk from the office to the bar in confidence. A sexy pocket pattern draws a little more attention to your behind if that is what you want. Finer details such as zippers, buttons, and other accessories will give you a hint to the quality of craftsmanship.

Look at the Stretch for comfort

Most jeans have the required level of elasticity. However, you must check to ensure that they are comfortable and offer room for expansion. Maximum comfort makes it suitable for all occasions, and you can wear it all day.


A good pair of jeans makes walking in style and swag effortless. The above details will ensure that you get the best jeans for guys with big thighs for the much-desired fashion edge.

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Work

Noise cancelling devices reduce ambient or background noise through a method called active noise control. According to Wikipedia, active noise control is where another noise is introduced so as to cancel out the first. Noise cancelling headphones that are used by autistic people are way different from passive headphones that use a method of sound proofing to block out any noise getting into your ears. For safety of the autistic child , you do not want them to be completely sound proofed from the noise because this could create accidents such as when the child refuses to move away from honking cars since they cannot hear them or when they do not respond to your calling them since they are completely blocked off from such sounds.

How do they work or how are they designed

Noise cancelling devices use active noise control. This means that to cancel out noise A, a secondary noise B is introduced that cancels out noise A. Noise B has to be desirable to the listener. The devices have a microphone that measures the background noise, generate a waveform that is the exact negative of the background noise and then mix it with some audio signal that is pleasant to the person wearing the earmuffs.

Areas where the devices are used

  1. As headphones for autism: Adults as well as children with autism spectrum disorder usually find that they over process sounds in the environment. Say for example that they are in class learning but a siren outside the class goes off, the person is not able to detach the noise of the siren. They get too much stimulated and so they stop concentrating on what is happening in class. To help them, you need these noise reducing earmuffs so that they can concentrate in what they are doing while muffling the ambient noise.
  2. As a sleeping aid. Of late, people with insomnia are going for these devices so that they can sleep peacefully without being disturbed or woken up by the background noises in their homes.
  3. In aviation. While flying, pilots need to focus on the task of making their planes fly. They do not want to hear the cockpit noise but concentrate on the task ahead as well as maintain conversation with the person directing them.

Disadvantages of the noise cancelling devices

  • When buying them, you are bound to cough out more dough than you would were you buying the normal headphones
  • For active noise control to happen, you need to power the headphones. Therefore, you will need to have a battery on the devices that powers them up
  • Noise cancelling devices could be dangerous especially for kids if they are completely muffling the outside noise.
  • Adding batteries also means that the weight of the headphones increases. And so does the cost of maintain the headphone
  • The circuitry that makes up the headphone may end up causing a hiss on the audio that you are getting.

Speech delay in Children and screen time

Contrary to popular belief that TVs will help your child develop vocabulary and speak fast, research shows that there is an inverse correlation between screen time in children and their speech development. Yes, the more your child who is less than 2 years watches lots of television, ipad or cartoons on your smartphone, you are assured that they will find it harder to express themselves verbally.

This comes at a time when so many kids, actually over 3 billion have watched and being awed by the catchy, addictive Baby shark doo doo doo that is playing on Youtube. The makers of the catchy song did something that most parents did not know; they hired a psychologist so as to make the song as catchy as possible no wonder it has hit those number of Youtube views in such a short time. The composition of the song is very simple; few vocabularies, centers on family structures and has a great tempo that changes from slow to fast. The lyrics are simple to follow and at the same time repetitive so that your kid can grasp them as soon as possible while getting hooked and pestering you to play it again and again. When I first listened to the song, I liked the simple structure centering on baby shark, mother, father, grandpa and grandma shark; people that all kids know of and have fond thoughts about. But after listening it for sometimes, I found that I could not get it off my mind. It was a true head worm that would play itself again and again.

Rather than give your kid free time to watch TV or your iPad as you focus on other things, you need to be there when they are watching the screen. And this is only for those between 2 years to five years who should have a maximum of 1 hour per day screen time. Younger kids below 2 are not to have any screen time. None at all. As you watch it with them, make sure to do the following

  1. Monitor what they are watching lest it has adult content or obscene language that the kid might try to imitate
  2. Try to talk to them over the program and watch their attentiveness. The kid should not pay so much attention to the screen as to avoid listening to you.
  3. After the program is done, talk to them about it and ask questions about what they saw. This way, the kid will be able to see the screen as a platform to learn
  4. Try to incorporate the tv program watched with their daily lives

For kids below 2 years whom you want to speed up their talk, you could do this using the following methods.

  1. Imitate their babbling
  2. Talk to them and give them a chance to talk back
  3. Get toys that make audio sounds and after sometimes, have the batteries or speakers removed so that the kid can make the sounds on their own. This has been shown to encourage speech in nonverbal autistic kids
  4. Have them play with others to encourage social interaction.

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Why they are so popular

Cottonelle flushable wipes

Arguably the best wipes that you can get for yourself, your man and baby, the cottonelle wipes continue to endear themselves to the general public for the following reasons:

  • They are cottony soft—everyone clearly deserves a gentle cloth wipe that is smooth and does not heart their genitalia or perineum
  • They do the job really well. If you do not know this yet, toilet paper will never wipe your ass clean. It will always leave skid marks and a bad odor and who in their right mind really wants this?
  • They are biodegradable and you can therefore comfortably flush them without a fear that they will clog your septic system
  • They are alcohol and paraben free. These two chemicals have been found to cause all forms of skin rash and burns—things that you do not want your kid getting, do you?
  • They can be used on baby especially when you are potty training them and want something that the toddler can use to wipe without you having to check out that the kid has really wiped well
  • You can use them on your face, for cleaning dirty surfaces on glasses and even for wiping away dirt on furniture and then flush them down the toilet.
  • No scent and can therefore be used by people who are sensitive to strong scents

How to use the Cottonelle Wipes

You can use the cottonelle wipes in the following ways

  1. To wipe your bum--Make sure that you wipe from front to back especially for women. This is because your rectum usually has germs such as E.Coli that you do not want to get into contact with your genitalia otherwise this could result in a urinary tract infection (UTI). Wipes have been found better in doing the job since they leave you flesh and clean, do not cause anal fissures and you do not have to use so much to get the job done. After wiping your bum, you can go ahead and flush the wipe since it is septic safe.
  2. To Potty train your kid–Most mothers who were potty training their children raised issues that toilet paper was not very good in doing the job and the toddlers remained with skid marks even after wiping. So, the parent had to again come and use a cloth wipe to get rid of the skidmarks and this negated the whole thing on potty training instilling independence in your child.
  3. To wipe eye glasses and surfaces— Wipes can do a good job of wiping your dirty eye glasses or dusty surfaces on furniture.