Choosing DoorMats for Your House

One thing about door mats is that they are beckoning. They are like the butler who smiles at you, takes your luggage and welcome you into a house.

Doormats usher you into a room and how classy they are gives one a picture of what they are to expect when they get into the house. So when choosing doormats, you need to make sure that their appeal matches that of the house interior.

If they are old, dilapidated and ugly, you will be giving your visitors a picture of how bad your house is.

If on the other hand they are classy and awesome looking, you are telling your visitors that you house also rolls out with suave and finesse.

So choosing your door mat is something that you should do with a lot of care and attention.

But is choosing a classy one all that you need to do?

Well, let us look at the other factors that you have to put into consideration when you are choosing your door mats.

  1. Durability

While doormats are not that expensive, you want one that is durable and will offer you the true value for your money. Durability though largely depends on the material of the doormat which we look into in the next bullet point.

  • Material

Common doormats are made of rubber but you could go an extra mile and get a rope, metal or fabric.

When choosing the material of your mat, you need to consider what your floor is made of so that the doormat does not end up leaving marks on your floor or creating indentations. A rubber doormat for example on a vinyl floor would leave it with stains and discolored which is not something that you really want.

Do you?

In case you have such a floor, you would be better off looking at these door mats safe for vinyl floors.

A metal doormat on the other hand might leave the same floor with indentations and markings where the feet of the mat lay.

The material of your doormat also dictates the durability. A metal doormat would last for eons and eons while a rubber doormat might only last for a while.

  • Width of the doormat

A rule of the thumb that is used by expert interior designers dictates that the width of the doormat need be at least 80% of the front of your door. If it is smaller than this, then it will look lopsided and out of place. At the same time, the doormat should not be wider that the front of the door since it will again look out place and also lack to do its purpose.

  • Message on the doormat

The message on a doormat could be used to capture your unique personality. And it does not have to be an inscription. No, it could also be an artistic drawing that will in a way make the visitor feel free and at home as they walk into your house.