Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Why they are so popular

Cottonelle flushable wipes

Arguably the best wipes that you can get for yourself, your man and baby, the cottonelle wipes continue to endear themselves to the general public for the following reasons:

  • They are cottony soft—everyone clearly deserves a gentle cloth wipe that is smooth and does not heart their genitalia or perineum
  • They do the job really well. If you do not know this yet, toilet paper will never wipe your ass clean. It will always leave skid marks and a bad odor and who in their right mind really wants this?
  • They are biodegradable and you can therefore comfortably flush them without a fear that they will clog your septic system
  • They are alcohol and paraben free. These two chemicals have been found to cause all forms of skin rash and burns—things that you do not want your kid getting, do you?
  • They can be used on baby especially when you are potty training them and want something that the toddler can use to wipe without you having to check out that the kid has really wiped well
  • You can use them on your face, for cleaning dirty surfaces on glasses and even for wiping away dirt on furniture and then flush them down the toilet.
  • No scent and can therefore be used by people who are sensitive to strong scents

How to use the Cottonelle Wipes

You can use the cottonelle wipes in the following ways

  1. To wipe your bum--Make sure that you wipe from front to back especially for women. This is because your rectum usually has germs such as E.Coli that you do not want to get into contact with your genitalia otherwise this could result in a urinary tract infection (UTI). Wipes have been found better in doing the job since they leave you flesh and clean, do not cause anal fissures and you do not have to use so much to get the job done. After wiping your bum, you can go ahead and flush the wipe since it is septic safe.
  2. To Potty train your kid–Most mothers who were potty training their children raised issues that toilet paper was not very good in doing the job and the toddlers remained with skid marks even after wiping. So, the parent had to again come and use a cloth wipe to get rid of the skidmarks and this negated the whole thing on potty training instilling independence in your child.
  3. To wipe eye glasses and surfaces— Wipes can do a good job of wiping your dirty eye glasses or dusty surfaces on furniture.