Enabling People with Parkinson’s Eat with Ease

At most times when people are setting up restaurants, they forget one class of people. Those who are unable to eat with ease due to limited dexterity or tremors. I am not talking about special needs children because for such one could always have them eat with their hands or spoon feed them.

I am talking about adults who are battling with arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. What these two ailments do is that they limit your hand dexterity. Arthritis for one will make your limbs so stiff that you might be unable to bend them to take a spoon and direct it to your mouth. Parkinson’s on the other hand comes with its tremors that make it practically impossible to eat. What with the trembling of the hands as though one is shivering even in the hottest of weathers?

Parkinson’s also makes it impossible to drink with ease. You will be spilling your drink all over. You will be making a mess of the table.

Now this limits such people with neuro-degenerative disorders so much that they can never enjoy being at a restaurant. They will feel too self-conscious with everyone watching them and wondering why that old man cannot drink easily from his cup or eat his sumptuous meal without making a fool of himself.

We strive to be different here.

We look at all those classes of people and have come up with these awesome weighted Parkinson’s spoon that will help you eat with ease.

For our collection, we went for the best. The liftware spoon has for a long time being taunted as the best for people with tremors. But over time, we have found that there is another bigger hero in town. It is called the gyenno spoon.

While the liftware spoon is able to somehow reduce your tremors when eating with it by 70%, the gyenno trounces this by giving you a reduction of 85%. Who would not go for this super big man in town.

At the same time, the liftware is only able to keep charge for one hour. The gyenno on the other hand can be used even by the slowest of eaters since it triples this by giving you three hours of uninterrupted eating without a discharge.