Hemorrhoids and How to Soothe them

Hemorrhoids and how to treat them

Everytime I hear the word ‘hemorrhoids’, my face automatically cringes with the memory of how tortured and embarrassed I felt when I walked to the hospital with a stage one hemorrhoid.

It just appeared one morning. I went to empty my bowels and I felt lots of pain. It was as though something was blocking the movement of the poop. I think I had eaten some food without fiber for so long and avoided water that was causing all this. So I checked out what could be wrong.

I found a small swelling but it was so painful to the touch. I decide to examine it further and stripped naked. On checking myself on the mirror in a closed room, I saw the ugly, red swelling.

And from then on for that whole week, it was so painful emptying my bowels. I did not want to tell anybody; neither my parents nor my siblings knew about it. But I had a close buddy whom I told and he recommended that I see the local doctor with immediate effect. I did so without delay.

It was however painful walking to the hospital. I also felt embarrassed bending and showing the female doctor my smelly butt. She said that there was nothing to be afraid about– it was nothing but a fecal canal and having it dirty is okay. That somehow soothed me.

She went on to teach me about hemorrhoids. She said that they come about when I exert too much force on myself when defecating.

How to treat hemorrhoids

  1. Surgery

Hemorrhoid swellings can be removed in a surgical procedure known as hemorrhoidectomy.

2. Exert less pressure when pooping

You need to exert less force when pooping so that you do not end up creating swellings in your anal canal.

3. Use a sitz bath to soothe hemorrhoids

A sitz bath is a warm bath that you take to soothe pain in your perineum. It is usually recommended to post partum mothers who have just had an episiotomy or even people having hemorrhoids. Though it does not treat the hemorrhoids, it soothes the pain

3. Take lots of water

Fluids help soften your stool and therefore it flows smoothly out of your alimentary canal without causing swellings.

4. Take fiber in your foods

Foods rich in roughage have been found to help in preventing hemorrhoids.