Safe activities to try on the trampoline

The trampoline is a great way for kids who love jumping to find an avenue to spend their energy. It is fun and thrilling. In fact it has been used as a therapy tool for special needs children who are on the autism spectrum disorder as well as those living with adhd.

Some activities that you can try on the trampoline include

  • Simple jumps
  • Jumping as you count
  • Jumping as you recite the alphabet
  • Jumping as high as you can

There is however concern over the activities that you can try. Trampolining needs to be safe because if it is not, it could easily lead to bruises and fractures.

The American Academy of Pediatricians has actually warned against using the trampoline. In fact, paediatricians worldwide have shown apathy towards the trampoline because of the dangers that it can pose to your child. But it is quickly gaining momentum. According to trampoline companies, sales are going higher and higher. People cannot be stopped even with the announcement that kids below 6 years should not be trampolining. The Academy of Pediatricians though in its move to warn about trampolines was concerned about the many muscle strains, bruises, concussions and broken necks that have been witnessed when children bounce unsafely on the trampoline.

Other than using the park trampoline which are crowded, more and more people are opting to buy their mini trampoline for indoor use so that they can monitor how their kids jump. Adults also love the trampoline because it can be used as an exercise tool for people who are looking to lose weight and keep fit.

For safe trampoline use at home, ensure the following:

  1. That when your kids are jumping, there is an adult supervising them. It could be an older kid, your spouse or baby sitter. With adult supervision, kids are likely not to try unsafe antics that could fracture their bones or end up bruising them.
  2. That only one kid jumps on the trampoline at a time. The exercise tool should not be crowded. With crowding comes the need for a child to want to try unsafe antics. At the same time, they may hurt each other as they bounce.
  3. That there is a safety net installed plus there are safe handlebars that your kid is holding onto. A good example of a trampoline with this feature is the skybound trampoline that has both the safety net as well as handlebars where your kid can hold onto as they jump.
  4. Make sure to check that the steel circumference of the trampoline is well padded with soft foam so that your kids do not end up hurting as they jump on hard surfaces on the gadget.