Safety policy at our hotel

We give high regard to the safety of our clients no matter how old, young or what their race is. We also do not discriminate on gender. It is for this reason that we have ask our legal advisors to help us put this safety policy that will guide our clients as well as our staff members on the need for safety and what precautionary steps to make in case of a mishap or accident.


When clients arrive, we issue them with a key to the hotel room. We will also be advising them to always make sure that the room is locked when they are sleeping or away to avoid theft.

They should also make sure to keep their luggage safely in the hotel room safe and make sure to enter a secret password that they only can remember. The entered lock should not at any one time be written in a card that is placed next to the safe.


According to Wash Burn University, Fire safety includes prevention of an outbreak of fire, suppressing it when it happens and evacuating anyone at the hotel from the places of high risk. All these fire safety procedures are not just the responsibility of the hotel but of everyone else including our clients.

As the client therefore, you are to help us by reporting of any fire risk that you see so that we can work on mitigating the same, suppressing it or even evacuating anyone who might be at the fire scene.

Electric mattress pads

Though we give heated mattress pads and electric blankets to our clients during the cold seasons, we will always advise the clients that they could be fire hazards and only use them well. Seniors, diabetic people and children are not to be given these items since they could get burnt without feeling it in their sleep.

Fire extinguishers

Every room has a fire extinguisher and in case of a fire, one is to dial the telephone number 100 from their landline and then quickly assemble at the fire assembly point for a head count.  Our firefighting department will then take charge to help put off the fire.

Senior care

If you have brought a senior with you who needs extra safety measures, kindly report the same at the reception desk so that the hotel is well aware of the same and offer you help when you need it.

Safety bed rails

With senior citizens who might fall or get into minor accidents, we will install safety bed rails for these elderly people. We have already purchased some good bed rails for seniors and will therefore use them to keep these people safe in their beds.

Bed entrapment

In case of a bed entrapment, you are requested to kindly inform us or raise alarm so that we can come and get the person out of the entrapment. The FDA has reported that bed entrapment is really fatal and could cause injuries and even death when the entrapped individual tries to free themselves leading to suffocation or fatigue.

Bed exit alarms

If they are likely to wander away, we might have to install bed exit alarms so that you and our staff know it when the person leaves their room unattended.

Lights on at night

For seniors, lights in the bathroom and toilet are to be keep on throughout the night.

Toilet help

We acknowledge that some people might have problems using the toilet and if you have a problem or would like special equipment such as a washing bidet to use after visiting the toilet, kindly alert us so that we can give you a room with such items.

We also have safety rails in our bathrooms especially those that are going to be used by seniors. People who have trouble wiping their bottoms after visiting the toilet should tell us so that we can get the right butt wiping aids for them.

Mattress for back pains

If you have a senior or person with back pains, we will work to make sure that they get the right mattresses for massaging them. This kind of therapeutic mattresses are available at our hotel and all you need is order and it will be given to you.

Using elevators

We have heard cases of women sexually harassed in other hotels and as such, we do not take their safety for granted. When a woman arrives, she is going to be escorted to her room and the staff member will check to see that there is nobody in that room before the woman enters.

When using elevators, again she will be escorted. If an elevator jams or we have a power cut, you are to remain calm and wait for the backup battery to hoist you up or down.

CCTV cameras outside the rooms

We have installed CCTV cameras outside the rooms and on our lounge, bars and restaurant to keep everyone safe and for information whenever a crime or mishap happens. There are no CCTV cameras in your room, bathroom or toilet so do not worry as your privacy is not infringed.